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Your Captain - Art Gaetan
You might say Captain Art Gaetan is an 'old salt', having spent most of his life on the water. As a young boy, he fished extensively with his father, a lobster fisherman from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. At the tender age of seventeen, Art joined the Canadian Navy, retiring after twenty years of service. Art has fished fresh and salt water species all over the world and is quick to say: "Atlantic Canada offers some of the most exciting saltwater fishing in the world and is arguably the best kept secret for the serious global angler." Art is Department of Transportation certified, and qualified in Marine Safety and CPR. He is currently a field tester for Shimano Canada's Saltwater Equipment Division.

Art's environmental tip: "Please do not use balloons for floats as balloons can kill leatherback turtles and ocean Sunfish. Please use re-usable floats that can be purchased (such as aqua gem floats)."


Blue Shark Fishing Charters will be seeking to fill the position of First Mate for the 2016 Season. Interested?
Please contact Art with your experience and credentials. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Environmental tip: "There are at least 100 million sharks killed every year worldwide. The overall shark population has been depleted 90% of what it was just 20 years ago."



Bos'n Mate - Casey
Casey got her sea legs when she was just a pup! Although a bit shy, she enjoys meeting new people every day, especially when they bring out their lunch (chippies are her favorite!) She is also serves as a ‘therapy dog’ of sorts to those who may be suffering from the ‘roll of the ocean’. We have no idea why, but somehow she seems to bring relief from sea sickness. Who knew!?

Caseys environmental tip: "For every one square kilometer of ocean, there are roughly 18,000 pieces of plastic. Please do not litter our oceans."



Bos'n Mate - Finnigan (a.k.a. Fin, Finners)
Fin is a people dog – plain and simple. He absolutely loves to meet and greet all clients. Like Casey, he is especially social at lunch time! He is also not opposed to the occasional snuggle during mid-day siesta’s with clients. Fin enjoys watching sea birds and riding shotgun with Captain Art on the ride home.

Finnigan's environmental tip: "Use barbless hooks. They are easy to remove which makes it better for the environment and causes less stress on the fish."



Our Vessel - "Photo and Details coming soon"

Our new vessel will provide you with the perfect fishing platform while offering all the necessary comforts for enjoying a long day on the water. We can accommodate up to 8 people per trip or as few as one. Amenities include a full bathroom, two bedrooms, fridge, stove, microwave oven, coffee maker, stereo and more. Please Ask Art for more information if interested.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Safety is always our priority. Our boat is Department of Transportation and Canadian Coast Guard certified. We carry all necessary onboard safety equipment with a crew trained in marine first aid.

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