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Blue Shark Charters Eco-tour is a form of chartered adventure which involves visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas of the Atlantic Ocean while experiencing the inhabitants wild life. Eco-tours are intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to our premier salt-water fishing packages where clients can appreciate "hands on" the gentile giants alive and well off Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean.


At Blue Shark Charters we offer eco-exclusive tours for a wide variety of interest groups. Would you like to learn from Captain Art's Marine Knowledge, experiencing local marine life while in a hands on environment? Sharks can be friendly if you know how to properly hand-feed and care for them while safely onboard the boat. Some people may choose to even get into the water with the fish and mammals. Naturally for those more adventurous we require a signed waiver of limited liability where the laws of nature and common sense shall be witnessed at one's own risk. Open water swims and dives do not involve a protective shark cage.

When booking your charter online or by telephone please indicate any Eco-Tour requests or special requirements. Eco-Tours must be approved by Captain Art Gaetan in advance.
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Eco-Tours have witnessed Fin Whales; Humpback; Minkes, Pilots, and (rarely) Killers Whales as well as Giant Sun Fish and Leather Back Turtles. Mako Sharks and even glimpse of the illusive Great White Sharks have been witnessed.

When you have the opportunity to experience these amazing creatures up close and personal you quickly learn they all have their own unique personalities, and some are as curious about us as we are about them.

One thing for sure, you better have lots of storage room on your camera for photos.
They have been known to put on quite a show!

Please click here to view our rates (minimum of three hours recommended).

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