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"Science and fishing working together!"

Shark in Atlantic Canada, you ask? You betcha!

Blue Shark, porbeagle, and even mako are caught every year in these parts. Although Blues are most common, the occasional porbeagle and mako enter our waters as the temperature becomes warmer, and I can attest to the fact that these shark are a handful! They range in size from a respectable 70 lbs, to 1000 lbs plus, and promise a fishing adventure like you've never had before!
werOnce our chum slick begins, we are set. While we wait for 'the big ones', we may bide our time with a little ground fishing (considering situational exceptions): Cod, Haddock, Halibut and Red Fish are typical catches. (Halibut must be released due to the commercial fishery). This is the perfect time to have a few laughs and talk about the big one we hope doesn't get away. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours; sometimes only twenty minutes, but when those first fins start swimming around the boat, any idea of a 'relaxing' day are gone, and we must put our minds and bodies to the task of catching some serious shark!
wer"FISH ON!" When you hear those words, the scramble begins. Who wants to fight this one? It could be just a little one, or it could be the fight of the day - you just never know.
When the shark is caught there is still a lot of work to be done....everyone has a job to do on the boat if we are to successfully catch, measure, dehook, tag and release any shark successfully. There are usually some very good photo ops during this time and since we don't kill the shark, this is your opportunity for your photo 'trophy'.


wdewA typical day of shark fishing begins early; before 6:00 a.m.

The sun is usually just coming up as we head out past the mouth of the harbour. It is a peaceful way to wake up to what promises to be a very exciting day. We will head for one of a few of my favorite fishing areas and once on site, take a few minutes to get the bait and gear ready to go.
Fighting a shark can take anywhere from 10 minutes, to 5 hours, depending on the size. After a respectable amount of time has passed, even the strongest man will, at times, hand over the rod to his buddy as their arms can feel like jello. My policy is that I personally never fight the shark. It is your dime, and your fishing time. Do you think you have the stamina?

The shark is then released. Blue Shark Fishing Charters is a catch and release operation. This is for legal reasons, as killing Blue Shark is illegal, as well as for conservation reasons. Shark are truly amazing and beautiful creatures and having an opportunity to catch, tag and release them is an incredible experience.

We have been known to hook Blue Fin Tuna from time-to-time. Although, we are not allowed to keep this beautiful fish under any circumstances we shall inspect, photograph and properly swim this fish back into the ocean. IF we can get it to the boat - they're giants!

Blue Shark Fishing Charters uses leading edge Shimano rod and reel combinations. Fishing with light tackle provides the most thrilling fishing experience as the smaller gear is more sensitive and allows the angler to better 'feel' the fish.

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