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Below is information that should be adhered to ensure your charter is enjoyable during every passing hour of your adventure. Please make note.

Clothing: What to wear?

It is very possible, and likely, to experience a variety of weather conditions during any ocean charter. The conditions can go from sunny to soggy rather quickly. Typically, it is cold on the trip out in the morning, and it tends to warm up throughout the day.

The best advice is to dress in layers. Yep, my military experience comes in handy by times. You can always take a layer of clothes off; but if you don't have them, you can't put them on. Also, if possible, take along some rain gear. I always have a few sets onboard, but you should be prepared for anything. Don't wear your Sunday best. Fishing can get messy, so be prepared in this regard as well. Don't worry, there won't be anyone there from GQ, so dress for comfort, not style.

Miscellaneous: Do not forget to bring !

  • camera/video camera (extra batteries)
  • sunglasses (polarized are best)
  • sun screen

If you have any questions about your trip ask Captain Art [ click here ]


Food/Drink: What to Bring?

Bring along any lunch or snacks you might like throughout the day.

The following are some no-no's:

  • no glass bottles
  • no hard liquor
  • no bananas

It has been my experience that sea sickness, although in some cases inevitable, can often be avoided. All of my advice is preventative; that is to say, once you are on the boat and sick, it is too late. However, there are some simple things you can do ahead of time to lessen the likelihood of being sick.

Perhaps the most pragmatic advise is to not go out and get drunk the night before a day on the water. It may sound odd, but there are alot of people who like to 'whoop it up' while on vacation, and get on the boat the next day with a fairly substantial hang over. So, if you plan to spend your hard earned money on a big game fishing adventure, you can avoid spending the whole day with your head over the side of the boat by simply not overdoing things the night before.

Another piece of advice to prevent sea sickness is taking gravol. No big newsflash there, you say? Well, what do most people do with gravol? They pop one in their mouth when they step on the boat and proceed to spend most of the day below deck asleep. My advice is to take your gravol THE NIGHT BEFORE your trip. You can get a great night sleep, and the gravol is still in your system for the next day. I may not be a scientist, but I have a great deal of experience with clients being sick onboard. This seems to work for many people.

Of course there are those who will be sick, no matter what. But for many - a pinch of prevention can be worth a great day on the water!

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